Teaching Assistantships


I believe strongly in teaching mass communication from a critical and empirical perspective. This tends to be a learner-oriented pedagogical perspective, which requires the teacher to actively guide students through various learning activities. In doing so, students are encouraged to think about course material as it applies to their day-to-day lives, and their intended professions.

This pedagogy informs my interactions with students regularly as a Teaching Assistant (2011-2018).

I also teach grammar prescriptively to help students understand the acceptable social norms of mass communicated writing. Just as Picasso was artistically trained prior to pioneering Cubism, journalists and strategic communicators should learn the grammatical "tools-of-the-trade" to better communicate with the public. By learning these norms, it is my belief that students will be better able to make subjective writing choices (grounded by sound decision-making) in their personal and professional work.

Below are a list of courses for which I have been a Teaching Assistant.


JOURN 345 - Introduction to Strategic Writing*
JOURN 202 - Mass Media Practices*
JOURN 175 - Digital Media Literacy
JOURN 162 -Media in Multicultural America

Syracuse University

COM 505 - Media Law
COM 107 - Mass Media & Society

State University of New York at Geneseo

COMN 505 - Introduction to Mass Communication
COMN 368 - Research in Media and Culture Studies*
PLSC 341 - Democracy and International Relations
PLSC 140 - Introduction to International Politics

* includes one-on-one English grammar tutoring