Past Projects

Below are brief blurbs on a selection of projects. To see a full list of projects, please see my CV. To learn more about a particular project, please contact me directly.


Language abstractness as discursive microframes: LCM framing in American coverage of international news

Link: [Syracuse University]
Method: Content Analysis & Corpus Linguistics (Quantitative)


Lukito, J. & Golan, G.J. (2017). Newspaper editorial pages frame China similarly. Newspaper Research Journal, 38(2), 215-230.

Golan, G.J. & Lukito, J. (2015). The rise of the dragon? Framing China's global leadership in elite American newspapers. International Communication Gazette, 77(8), 754-772.

Link: [NRJ] [ICG]
Method: Textual Analysis (Qualitative) & Content Analysis (Quantitative)


Wells, C., Shah, D. V., Pevehouse, J. C., Yang, J., Pelled, A., Boehm, F., Lukito, J. & Ghosh, S. & Schmidt, J. L. (2016). How Trump drove coverage to the nomination: Hybrid media campaigning. Political Communication33(4), 669-676.

Link: [Political Communication]
Method: Computational and Content Analysis (Quantitative)

Lukito, J., & Tajima, A. (2014). Two national newspapers cover recession distinctively. Newspaper Research Journal, 35(3), 66-80.

Link: [NRJ]
Method: Textual Analysis (Qualitative)


Abstract Language Use in Persuasive Communication (Experiment)
Sentence Inversions in Legacy and Digital Journalism (Computational)
Bilateral Public Diplomacy Case Study (CDA, Qualitative)
Accurate datetime reporting in online news stories (Computational)