Curriculum Vitae

Updated 11.19.2018

Presenting at the 2015 International Communication Association Conference

Presenting at the 2015 International Communication Association Conference

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Ph.D, University of Wisconsin Madison (In Progress)

Program: Mass Communication
Minors: Political Science (Methodology & International Relations), English Language & Linguistics
Advisor: Doug McLeod

M. A., Syracuse University, 2015

Program: Media Studies
Advisor: Brad Gorham

B. A., State University of New York at Geneseo, 2013

Majors: Communication, Political Science
Advisor: Atsushi Tajima

Bronx High School of Science, 2008


Select Publications

Lukito, J., Suk, J., Zhang, Y., Doroshenko, L., Su, M.-H., Kim, S. J., Xia, Y. & Wells, C. (Revise and Resubmit). Hacking the message amplification cycle: How Russia’s Internet Research Agency infiltrated American political journalism. International Journal of Press/Politics.

Wells, C., Shah, D., V., Pevehouse, J. C., Foley, J., Lukito, J., Pelled, A., Yang, J. (Forthcoming). The temporal turn in communication research: Dynamic processes and time-series analyses using computational approaches. International Journal of Communication.

Wells, C., Shah, D. V., Pevehouse, J. C., Yang, J., Pelled, A., Boehm, F., Lukito, J. , Ghosh, S. & Schmidt, J. L. (2016). How Trump drove coverage to the nomination: Hybrid media campaigning. Political Communication, 33(4), 669-676.

Neil, J. M., Schweickart, T. L., Kim, J. Y., Zhang, T., Lukito, J., Golan, G. J., & Kiousis, S. K. (2016). The dash for gas: Examining third-level agenda-building and fracking in the United Kingdom. Journalism Studies.

Golan, G.J. & Lukito, J. (2015). The rise of the dragon? Framing China's global leadership in elite American newspapers. International Communication Gazette, 77(8), 754-772.

Lukito, J., & Tajima, A. (2014). Two national newspapers cover recession distinctively. Newspaper Research Journal, 35(3), 66-80.


Select Conferences

Lukito, J., Suk, J., Zhang, Y., Doroenko, L., Kim, S., Su, M.-H., Suk, J., Xia, Y., Freelon, D., & Wells, C. (2017). Zero Day Twitter: How Russian Propaganda Infiltrated the U.S. Hybrid Media System. Paper to be presented at the Annual Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). [Top Paper, Political Communication Interest Group; Third Place, AEJMC Professional Relevance Research Prize]

Suk, J. Zhang, Y., Lukito, J., Su M,-H., Foley, J. (2018). Tracing Twitter Buzz: Clustering Hashtags and Handles About Mass Shootings and Gun Control. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Prague, Czech Republic.

Zhang Y., Shah D., Foley, J. M., Abhishek, A. Pevehouse, J., Lukito, J., Kim S. J., Suk J., Yang E., Garlough C. (2018). The Features of Tragedy, Expressions of Sympathy, and Debates over Policy: A Time Series Analysis of Mass Shootings and Social Media Discourses. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of ICA, Prague, Czech Republic.

Lukito, J. & Conathan, D. (2017). A case study using syntax dependencies to find differences between news and non-news tweets. Paper presented to the Computational Methods Interest Group at the Annual Conference of ICA, San Diego, CA.

Lukito, J. (2017). Abstract language as a framing device. Paper presented to the Mass Communication Division at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, San Diego, CA.

Yang, J., Sangar, A., Duncan, M., Zhang, Y., Kornflit, R. Lukito, J., Kim, S., Wu, Y. & Cao, D. (2017). Obamacare and political polarization on Twitter: An application of machine learning and social network analysis. Paper presented to the Communication and Technology Division at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, San Diego, CA.

Lukito, J. (2015). Language abstractness as discursive microframes: LCM framing in American coverage of international news. Paper presented at the AEJMC Conference, San Francisco, CA [Second Place Top Student Paper, International Communications Division].

Schweickart, T. L. & Lukito, J. (2015). Agenda building and health diplomacy: Advancing the model of country concept. Paper presented at the Public Diplomacy Pre-Conference Panel in the AEJMC Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Lukito, J. and Tajima, A. (2013, April). Economics news explored: role of elite newspapers and non-elite newspapers presenting a holistic picture of the 2008-09 U.S. recession. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Eastern Communication Association, Pittsburg, PA.


Other Publications

Lukito, J. & Wells, C.,  (2018, March 8). "Most major outlets have used Russian tweets as sources for partisan opinion: study." Columbia Journalism Review. Retrieved from . [Article quoted in the 2019 Mueller Report]

Lukito, J. & Wells, C., Zhang, Y., Doroshenko, L., Kim, S. J., Su, M.-H., Suk, J., Xia, Y.,& Freelon, D.   (2018, March 8). "The Twitter exploit: How Russian propaganda infiltrated U.S. news" [Research Paper.] Retrieved from


Assistant-ships and Group Affiliations

Research Assistant, Dhavan Shah (Fall 2018-Present)

Project Assistant, Doug McLeod (Summer 2018, UW-Madison)

Research Assistant, Guy Golan (2013-2015, Syracuse)

Research Assistant, Joon Soo Kim (Summer and Fall 2015, Syracuse)

Group Affiliations

Member, Social Media and Democracy Research Group (2015-Present, UW-Madison)

Member, Computational Methods Group (2015-Present, UW-Madison)
     Group Lead, Master Trainer [7 workshops] (2016-Present)

Member, MCRC - Media and Politics Research Group (2015-Present, UW-Madison)
     Student Lead (Fall 2018)

Organizational Positions

Student and Early Scholar Representative, Computational Methods Interest Group, International Communication Association


Teaching Assistantships

Principles of Strategic Communication (J345, UW-Madison)

Digital Media Fluency (J175, UW-Madison)

Mass Media Practices (J202, UW-Madison)

Media in Multicultural America (J162, UW-Madison)

Media Law for Journalists (COM 505, Syracuse)

Mass Media and Society (COM 107, Syracuse)

Democracy and International Relations (PLSC 341, Geneseo)

Introduction to Mass Communication (COM 160, Geneseo)

Research in Media and Culture Studies (COM 368, Geneseo)

Introduction to International Politics (PLSC 140, Geneseo)


Professional Work

Circle K International (2011-2014)

New York District Governor (2011-2012)
International President (2012-2013) [Organizational ambassador to UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Kiwanis International]
New York District Convention Chair (2013-2014)

SUNY Geneseo

Limelights & Accents Publicity Intern (2010-2012)

Human Resources & Training

Circle K International Master Trainer (2010-2013)
NYC Parks & Recreations Academy Training Intern (Summer 2012)
Double Tree Jamaica (NY) Human Resources Intern (Summer 2011)
Westin Jersey City Human Resources Intern (Summer 2010)